5 Popular Types of Hoodies

We all love hoodies, you, your mum, your dad, you grandparents, and your ancestors even probably loved them. We’re not kidding Hoodies have been around for some time. According to my research, hoodies actually go way back to the 12th century in Europe, where they were worn by Monks. Yeah, I know, crazy right? The humble garment has stood the test of time and in the modern era continued to reinvent itself time and time again much to our joy and wearing pleasure.

So, there are plenty of different types of hoodies and you’re sure to find the exact types that suits you over at Blank website. Yes, they’ve got some great hoodies, in great styles. Go check them out if you’ve got time. Now over the years that the hoodie has graced us with its mere existence, it has evolved into many forms, and today the objective is to outline the 5 most popular types for your reading pleasure.

  1. The standard hoodie.

This is the bread and butter of the hoodie world. The standard hoodie is pulled over the head, made out of a cotton, polyester combo, is loose fitting, and is the best of all we think. The standard pullover hoodie is in most cases worn in reasonably informal settings, though lately we’ve been seeing people wearing it with a suit jacket too. (To each his own I guess) The standard hoodie is also nice and warm, which makes it ideal for sleeping in on a cold winter night.

  • Zip ups

Zip ups are great too! They’re basically what is printed on the box which is basically a hoodie with a zip down the middle. Comfy, relaxed, and informal, the zip up hoodie adds a whole new level of functionality to the standard pull over hoodie because they can be worn in slightly warmer climes as well. We’re not telling you to go to the desert and put one on, but they are definitely a little more versatile than the standard hoodie in terms of where you can put one on.

  • Fur Hoodies

Built for the cold, made to be wild, the fur hoodie evokes feelings of arctic exploration, of harsh icy conditions, and of the joy of exploration (ok, maybe I went a little overboard there). Fur hoodies pack extra insulation within it making it the jacket of choice for being in super cold weather. If you’ve got a cold day ahead of you, the fur hoodie is the way to go.

  • Slim Fit Hoodies

Ok, so the slim fit hoodie is less of a type and more of a type of fit to be perfectly clear. They are made to hug the body a little closer than the standard hoodie and can make you come across as a little more put together, a little smarter, and a little sexier (it’s just the nature of the garment) Use in combination with some nice muscles and you’re good to go