Reasons to Use a Portable Veterinary Ultrasound Machine

Ultrasound technology is very useful for veterinary applications. Generally, we only connect the uses of ultrasound to pregnancy but it has a wide variety of applications that we may not be aware of. Veterinarians treat a variety of animals from household pets to working animals or farm animals. The use of an ultrasound machine can provide for an efficient diagnosis.

The main benefit of a veterinary ultrasound is that it can provide a quick diagnosis. It can also be invaluable in emergency situations and the veterinarian will be able to get an in-depth understanding of the animal’s condition in a very short time. This will increase the response time when it comes to treatment and it will give a higher chance of recovery to the animal as well. Oftentimes, the veterinarian has to visit remote locations to treat patients. One example is the treatment of horses. It can be hard to bring in a sick horse to a veterinary clinic and they will not fit inside a normal clinic as well. Also, it is very hard to move any animal that is in pain to another location so it makes more sense for the veterinarian to visit. When the veterinarian is travelling, it is extremely easy to carry a portable ultrasound machine.

Accuracy of a diagnosis is essential, especially in emergency cases. The technology of portable ultrasound machines has increased to catch up and surpass that of the bulky traditional machines. You will be able to move these machines from one clinic to another or between the rooms of the clinic so that it helps in comprehensive examinations. This is something that will help veterinarians make a more precise diagnosis regarding the patient. The pet owner will be able to see the condition of the animal as well because the imaging will be displayed on the screen. So it creates more transparency in diagnosing and treating the animal. They will be able to understand the level of severity of the condition and it will make them aware of the importance of quick treatment.

There will be a queue when it comes to a traditional ultrasound machine as it can’t be moved from the room and it will take a lot of time as well. There will anyway be some time taken to prepare the animal and then you have to wait for the scans to load or wait for the next person in line for the machine. But with a portable machine, you can easily deliver an instant diagnosis and you will be able to take up less time between clients. There are fewer wait times and the veterinary clinic will not get overwhelmed. A portable machine is cost-effective to maintain than other bulkier medical equipment. Because of the low cost, the patient bill will not hike up. And whenever there is an emergency, the veterinarian can take the portable machine to the sick animal to get an accurate picture of the condition. This is a non-invasive procedure so it will not cause any discomfort to the animal.