Should You Consider Solar Pool Heating

The desire to save money in terms of monthly electricity/gas charges, a growing concern for the environment and the rising cost of fossil fuels conventionally used for heating water are the key considerations for choosing solar power for pool heating.

Australia is one of the sunniest places in the world. No wonder then that harnessing the energy of the sun for heating is a pragmatic way for homeowners and business establishments to satisfy their daily water heating needs.

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Here are some of the many reasons why you should consider solar heating for your pool.

Economical: using solar power can be the most economical way to heat a pool compared to using electricity or gas. Once the solar system has been installed, using it to heat water is free of charge as long as the sun shines.

Environmentally supportive: one of the reasons (apart from cost savings) solar power is gaining ground across the world is because it is a renewable and sustainable energy source. All it needs is good old sunshine to keep it working at peak efficiency. Solar power helps you reduce your carbon footprint and doesn’t create air pollution.

No operating costs: once the solar system has been installed and it’s operational, there are no running costs. It has few moving parts and the hardware will only need a clean-up a couple of times a year but apart from that the heater pretty much pays for itself. The reason why it is considered an economical option.

Made to suit any roofing style/type: the solar panels can be set up pretty much on any type of roofing, and if this is impossible, then they can be set up on the ground, making installation a hassle-free exercise not requiring additional infrastructure. Panels can be made to stand on flat roofs and concrete slabs and do not necessarily require a sloping roof to take advantage of the sun’s rays.

Long life: panels have a life expectancy of approximately 25 years and in some cases even more. Once set up the system requires virtually no recurring maintenance which translates to a greater return on investment.

Enhanced property value: as more and more buyers look for greater savings on recurring energy costs a solar heated pool will help fetch a better price for your property. There is also the added value of a usable pool during colder months.

Quiet operation: the system does not make a loud noise it is very quiet, allowing pool users to enjoy the water and their surroundings without noise pollution.

Quick installation: in most instances, setting up a solar pool heating system only takes about 1 day.

Weak heating when the sun doesn’t shine strong: heating can be impaired during overcast days, nights and winter months when sunlight is weak. This can be overcome by using installing thermodynamic panels.