The Styles of Photography

So, you may think that all there is to photography is to simply pick up a camera point it at the object and push the button, and in many ways, that’s really the gist of it. In essence photography is capturing an object through a lens, but it is also so much more than that. In the right hands, a camera can communicate volumes about a certain scenario, add romance to the mundane, infuse life into the rotten and transform us from mere humans to works of art.

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So, what are the key styles of photography?

  1. Photojournalism

This is the method of capturing a story through the camera lens. Photojournalists do their best to capture an event with an objective lens (as is what should be true for all journalists). They strive to get photos as and when the action happens as opposed to setting up the perfect shot and capturing it leisurely. The role of a photojournalist is one of reporting the event and their work is often published in magazine or newspapers.

  • Portrait photography

This is the act of taking a picture of either an individual or a group of people. Ultimately the photographer may use lighting to frame the subject in a certain way to convey a certain message. The subject may be posed or candid, and the photo can be a variety of poses from simply the face to the full body. Portrait photos can include family portraits, headshots, and wedding photos etc. It’s important as a photographer to make the subject feel fully relaxed in order to capture the best photos possible

  • Fashion Photos

Fashion photographers attempt to highlight the clothing on the body of a model or the shoes or accessories. A lot of photographers tend to gravitate towards this kind of photography simply because there is an immense opportunity to be creative with the lighting and editing. Most fashion photographers don’t simply work in the studio but also in the outdoors using different backdrops and location to enhance the creative feel and beauty of the end results.

  • Sport Photographers

Sport photographers must do their best to keep up with the speedsters of sport, whether their subjects are running, swimming, or jumping, photographers do their best to highlight the drama and passion of the sport while capturing clear photos of the subject who are generally engaged in intense activity depending on the sport. Most sport photographers will use huge lenses in order to telescope in on the action which is happening some distance away from them.

Overall, these are just a few of the different types of photography, but they are definitely the most notable.