Tips on Caring for the Trees on Your Property

There is a lot of maintenance that you have to carry out on the trees of your property to ensure that they are in good health. Trees are not only aesthetically appealing. They also have a large functional aspect. They will provide fresh air and good natural ventilation to your house. Most of the heat during the daytime will be buffered and you will be able to rely on natural ventilation, shade and natural lighting during the daytime which considerably lowers your utility bills.

There are sustainable ways of maintaining trees as well and this is something that you can get used to as a homeowner. If there is a tree removal Brisbane required, you can get the help of professional tree services so that you will be able to get a safe and professional job done. They will be able to enlighten you on diseases the trees on your property will be having as well. But as a property owner, it is best to know the common tree diseases that can happen and be on the lookout for the signs so that you can act from the beginning. Make sure that you inspect them from time to time so that you can identify any changes as soon as they happen. Some of the signs you should watch out for are stunted growth of the tree and discolouration or fading. When you know what to look for you will be able to contact an arborist to help. They can come up with a cure and make sure that the rest of the trees are safe.

Whenever a tree is dead, it should be removed by professionals. This will make space for new plants to grow and you will be able to increase the safety of the property as well. With trees, you need to make sure that you are watering them regularly. But different trees will require different amounts of water. You need to know how much water is required for new and mature trees. It is best to water the trees about twice a month. The roots of the trees will grow water and they will draw water from the soil so the tree will not depend on you for watering alone. You can alter your watering routine with the weather that you have in the location. If you are having a lot of rain, then watering can wait as the soil is already saturated.

Mulch should be added for the trees as well whether they are new or mature. This will protect the roots of the tree and it will help the tree retain water. The mulch will provide much needed nutrients to the tree when it decomposes. Mulch can be made at home as well. All you need are wood chips or any timber scraps. This has to be reapplied from time to time and when you do, you have to make sure that the old mulch that is not decomposed is removed. Fertiliser is also very important for tree growth but you need to know what to use. There may be certain nutrients that the soil in your land lacks. This is something that you can find out from a soil test.