Why You Need a Verandah in Your House

A verandah is a porch open to air that usually has a railing along its length (this is optional). And there is also a roof above the verandah. This is not a space that exists on its own; it is attached to a main residential building.

A verandah is the space you enter before coming into the main house. In eastern countries, this serves as the public part of the house. This is what is open to the outside and it is where guests are entertained. You can also bring guests further into the house through the verandah. This is the transitional space between the indoors and outdoors. The main reason that many people prefer to have a verandah in their house is to have a sheltered entertainment area. This also allows you to look over the garden and it can be a good way to relax while watching the day go by. Even when there is bad weather, you can enjoy time outdoors in this sheltered area. And it improves the appearance of the garden as well because it strengthens the connection between the inside and outside. You are no longer inside the house watching the views through windows. You are outdoors enjoying the view and the cool breeze that blows in. If you are interested in creating such a space in your own home, you can contact a company that builds verandahs Melbourne

Generally, a verandah will only be covered from above and the areas where it is attached to the house. So there will be a wall on one side. But you can enclose it further on the sides facing the garden using polycarbonate or glass if you are looking to expand indoor space. This will keep the elements out while still letting you see what is happening outside. And this space can be used for sitting, dining, reading, working, studying etc. Instead of having fixed glass, you can have sliding panels so that you can open up the space when you need it. Or if you don’t want a permanent covering such as windows, you can simply install some monsoon blinds to be used during the rainy season.

You can design the verandah as you like with modern lighting, decking, heating, sound systems etc. If you plan to have a large verandah, having the sliding door option or the option to enclose the sides when you want can actually be quite useful. You can have a retractable roof instead of a fixed roof to enjoy the sky at night. This will create a beautiful setting to sit and dine under the stars. You will have unobstructed views of the garden and you can enjoy the cool outside air. When there is bad weather, you can enclose the area by extending the retracted roof and closing the sliding doors. You can also use the verandah for storage. You can have storage on one side of it to keep outdoor furniture, garden equipment and even a BBQ station.